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Is Beauty Box Korea (BeautyBoxKorea.com) Legit?

Beauty Box Korea Legit Product Haul

Although some of their prices seem unbelievably low, when it comes to placing an order at Beauty Box Korea, you don’t have to worry. They are a legitimate website that has been serving customers online since 2015. They have become known for their great prices and wide selection.

Shopping On Beauty Box Korea

BeautyBoxKorea is a Korean-based online beauty shop. You can find pretty much anything beauty related from face-masks, makeup, hair/skin care, and even perfume.

As I mentioned earlier, they are known for their great selection of items. New products are added to the website on a daily basis & you can even request that certain items be added to your order, even if you don’t see them on their website. They will let you know if they will be able to fulfill the order or not.

Once you place your order, it typically ships pretty quickly and comes in a box with everything bubble wrapped for protection.

Customer Service

Although recently their service has gotten slower due to the growing popularity of the company, Beauty Box Korea has a record of providing great support. They’re polite, prompt, and fluent in english. You’ll typically get a response within a few days.

Shopper Perks

Free Samples: When you order on Beauty Box Korea you’ll receive free samples of other products which is nice.

Loyalty Program: Beauty Box Korea has a membership program for frequent buyers. You can check out the details at BeautyBoxKorea.com, but basically,  you can get up to 7% off and enjoy cash-back, and free gifts.


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