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Which Beauty Blender Color Is The Best & What Makes Them Different?

Beauty Blenders Color Meaning

To find out which beauty blender is the best, you have to understand that different colored beauty blenders are meant to be used for different purposes. I’ll cover each color in order to help you decide which beauty blender will be the best for you.

Colors & Descriptions

Black (Pro): The black beauty blender is the “pro” version. It’s one of the softest sponges of them all and was made to be used by makeup artists. The color stands out more on a black sponge so the artist can get a good idea of the color they’re going to apply. It’s also a great beauty sponge for self tanning

Pink (Original): Definitely the most popular colored beauty sponge, pink is meant for blushes, powders, primers, and other products or complexion.

White (Pure): This beauty blender is also called “pure”, it is meant for applying skincare products as an alternative to using your fingers. It’s also more friendly for people with sensitive skin since there are no dyes. Due to the fact that this is a white beauty sponge, it will stain quickly if used with makeup products. Skincare products like lotions are less likely to stain the blender.

Nude: The nude beauty blender is another one of the softer sponges. It’s similar to the white in that it doesn’t bleed any dye, so you’ll have to estimate when it’s time to get another.

Red: The red beauty blender is a limited edition color that was made by collaborating with Sephora to celebrate the award season. The red version is most similar to the pink beauty blender.

Purple (Royal): The purple beauty blender is also known as the royal. It is another limited edition blender that was sold exclusively at Sephora. It’s most like the red beauty blender, but the dyes do not bleed as easily.

Yellow: Another limited edition blender, the yellow came from a partnership with Supergoop! that included free sunscreen. 20% of the sales of this yellow blender went to Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Helpful Tips For Using Beauty Blenders

Beauty Blenders are meant to be used while they’re damp. This will make the biggest difference in terms of a successful application using the sponges.

According to Rea Ann Silva, the Beauty Blender founder, when you are washing your beauty blenders, you will notice that the dye runs from the sponge. If you notice that the dye doesn’t run anymore, then it’s probably about time for you to toss your beauty blender and get a new one.

photo via Naturisimo

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